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About Prime Array Systems

Data storage solutions by Prime Array are customized and dependable for corporate, government, institutional, and educational networks. The country's large and small organizations use CD-DVD Servers and loaders, Blu-ray and DVD players, cd-drive towers, DVD servers, iSCSI storage systems, and network-attached storage products to enhance data storage and streamline information sharing.

Data storage at an affordable price

Audio, video, games, papers, and other sorts of data can all be stored on CDs. To visualize the data, a laser beam is used to scan the data with a CD Server. A CD's Server storage capacity is only 700 MB. With our network-attached storage products and iSCSI storage solutions, just about any organization looking for data storage can get efficient, flexible, and cost-effective solutions.

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Interested in our CD/DVD Storage Products?

PrimeArray has thousands of happy clients because we take the time to listen, develop solutions that are personalized to the customer's needs, and give exceptional customer service. When you contact PrimeArray, you will be connected to a professional and helpful representative who will work with you to locate the best product for your needs. You would not want to bog down your expensive server with general files or data (I.e. data that is not based on CDs or DVDs server) that are not used frequently. Optimized for each task, PrimeArray's products provide maximum storage capacity and performance with the lowest cost. Taking minutes to install, PrimeArray products are simple and easy to use.