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Top USB 3.0 Connected CD DVD Tower Disc /USB Loader

Load up to 12 CD/DVDs and Provide Direct Data Access or connect a large number of USB 3.0 connections to any workstation / server. Our models can support Bluray XL 100 GB disc’s (Blu-ray XL or BD-XL) and Ultra HD / 4K any combination of USB inputs and optical drive configurations.

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What Is A CD Tower?

A tower is a computer without a hard drive that only includes optical reader drives (CD-ROM Server and/or DVD-ROM Server ). The capacity of these non-caching systems is equal to the number of drives in the tower. As a result, a tower with seven CD-ROM readers may simultaneously connect to seven discs. To update a disc in a tower, simply open the drive and replace the old disc with the new one. Prime Array offers tower mod-les such as Pro server CD & DVD Server and Loader and Maxtet CD DVD Loader which connect to another server via a SCSI cable.

Pure CD loaders and DVD loaders, as well as CD servers and DVD servers and loaders, are available from Prime Array. Up to 12 DVD reader drives can be installed in these "towers" for simultaneous direct data access or data loading. If you want to use a tower and a loader, you should:

  • You have many discs to load and share, and you need to do the task swiftly. See the ProServer CD & DVD Server and Loader for further information.
  • You have hundreds of discs on hand – or will receive at regular intervals – and all you need to do now is load them onto an existing server or staging area. See the Maxtet CD & DVD Loader for further information.

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Subscription media material is updated regularly, usually monthly. When a new subscription is received, simply put the disc into the optical drive of the PrimeArray CD-DVD server, and the outdated disc is instantly uploaded and replaced while user access privileges are preserved. We know that digitized data can rise at an exponential rate. Fortunately, the PrimeArray system will readily keep up with your company's expanding requirements. Within a single system, hard drive capacity can start as low as 80 GB and grow to 8 TB. That means you may distribute up to 4,000 titles or just archive important data – all from a single system. If the need arises, you can choose a configuration that allows you to add more reader and writer optical drives.

  • The server automatically copies an exact disc image from your CDs or DVDs onto its hard drive when you insert the optical drive. After finishing, the disc will automatically eject.
  • On a PrimeArray CD and DVD server, creating various groupings or sets is simple. Without duplication, the same disc image can exist in numerous shares. To arrange your discs and set up user permissions, use PrimeArray's comprehensive disc management software.
maxtet tower
maxtet 0.3

Features and Benefits

  • The system connects to the Ethernet network immediately. Connect it to your network, assign it an IP address, then capture CD/DVD server images with the built-in reader. In a matter of minutes, you'll be up and running. As with a network file server, users can see (and read or search) the contents of each disc. It does not require a server to host it, unlike SCSI attached towers. You save money by either repurposing an existing server or avoiding the cost of a server and network license. It should be near the users who have CDs or DVDs to distribute.
  • Everyone on the network may access your CDs and DVDs since they're organized, safe, and easy to find. People can work more quickly and efficiently. Load up to eight CDs or DVDs loader at the same time to save time.
  • The server can be configured with a RAID 0 or 1 array for its various hard drive systems. RAID 0 improves data access performance and allows for the construction of large data volumes. In the event of a drive failure, RAID 1 mirrors one hard drive disc to another for data protection. RAID 1 data is protected, and the manpower invested in constructing your digital library is retained in the unlikely case of a hard drive failure.
  • Increase the speed with which you can access data, create higher data volumes, and keep your data safe. As your CD/DVD server collection expands, expand your storage capacity. To improve dependability, increase throughput or use one interface as a failover.


Maxtet is the simplest way to load, share, or stream CDs and DVDs from a server or staging area. Would it make your job easier to have many optical CD-ROM Server or DVD-ROM Server drives in this USB 3.1 tower? PrimeArray Systems has released an improved Maxtet model with increased speed.

  • Software discs are subjected to quality assurance testing.
  • By simplifying the management of your CDs/DVDs, CD-DVD loaders can save you a lot of time and money.
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There is a variety of optical BluRay jukeboxes and libraries available, as well as all the software or network-attached storage manager that is needed to connect them to your computer and network. They come in sizes ranging from 35 to over 600 discs. The Blu-ray Jukeboxes can also play DVDs. Look at our Archiving Appliance if you only need to archive to disc and have infrequent access. BluRay archiving systems use cutting-edge technology to ensure that your data is available when you need it.

Disc Library

  • Capacity- Depending on the number of drives, Blu-ray media may hold anywhere from 45 to 690 discs.

Hit Storage

  • Capacity- Capacity ranges from 35 to 560 CDs. Blu-ray discs up to 100GB/128GB are supported.

Financial (SEC, Sarbanes-Oxley), Medical (HIPAA, DICOM, PACS), Government (DOD), Legal Admissibility (ISO-18501 and 18509), and a variety of other compliance criteria are all met by Jukeboxes or Libraries.

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maxtet 3.0 usb tower

Maxtet 3.0 USB Tower

Connect a huge number of USB 3.0 connections to any workstation/server or load up to 12 CD-DVDs tower and provide Direct Data Access. The Maxted versions can play Bluray XL 100 GB discs (Blu-ray XL or BD-XL) and Ultra HD / 4K content using a variety of USB ports and optical drive combinations. It is the easiest way to load, copy, or transfer CDs, USB drives, or other data from a server or staging area to a workstation.

By streamlining the management and uploading of your CD/DVD/USB media, the optical disc / Multi-Media Tower, USB Media tower loading system will save you time and money. A simplified USB data storage and CD/DVD/Disc data storage solution. Our program makes it simple to copy any media automatically as it is inserted. The PrimeArray Maxtet 3.0 is the only system on the market with its USB controller, ensuring a reliable USB connection and maximum speeds across all connected devices.

Optional Maxtet accessory includes Multi card reader with different card sizes , SD card reader, support varieties of media types mentioned below

  • Slot 1: Compact Flash I, Compact Flash II, CF Extreme, CF Extreme III, CF Extreme IV, Micro Drive
  • Slot 2: MS, High Speed Memory Stick (HS MS), MS PRO, MS PRO-HG, Memory Stick XC, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO Duo Mark2, MS PRO-HG, MS PRO-HG Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo HX, MS Micro, MS PRO Micro, MS-HG Micro, MS XC-HG Micro, M2
  • Slot 3: XD, XD type M, XD type H Slot 4: Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDHC Ultra, T-Flash Slot 5: SD, SD Ultra, SD High Capacity (SDHC), SD Ultra, SDHC Ultra, SDXC, SDXC Ultra, MMC, mini SD, MMC mobile, RS-MMC
Optional Maxtet accessory
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Maxtet CD/DVD loader specifications


Model Optical Drives Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD) Shipping Weight
Maxtet XR 1 to 4 Desktop Mini-Tower 10.2″ x 7.5″ x 17.3″ 30 pounds
5 to 7 Desktop Tower 18.5″ x 7.0″ x 17.0″ 43 pounds
Maxtet XT – High Performance 1 to 4 Desktop Mini-Tower 10.2″ x 7.5″ x 17.3″ 30 pounds
5 to 8 Desktop Tower 18.5″ x 7.0″ x 17.0″ 43 pounds
9 to 12 Desktop Tall Tower 24.5″ x 7.5″ x 17.0″ 50 pounds

Maxtet XR

Combined Data Transfer Throughput: 5Gbps
Optical Drives: 1 to 7
Power Supply: 300 watts 115/230v AC
External Connector: E-SATA OR USB 3.0

Maxtet XT - High Performance

Combined Data Transfer Throughput: 5Gbps
Optical Drives: 1 to 12
Power Supply: 300 watts 115/230v AC
External Connector: E-SATA OR USB 3.0

Detailed Technical Information and Specifications — At a Glance

Network Operating Systems: Novell NetWare 5.X/6.X

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003/2007/Vista/windows 7/windows 8/windows 2012


MacOS 7.X and above

CD-ROM Standards: Red-Book, Yellow-Book, CD-ROM XA, CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video CD), CD-I, CD-I Ready, CD-G, and Multisession (Photo-CD, CD-Extra, CD-RW, CD-R), CDTEXT ISO 9660 (including Joliet), High Sierra, HFS, Rock Ridge
DVD-ROM Standards: DVD-ROM (DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-18), DVD-R (read), CD-DA, CD+(E)G, CD-MIDI, CD-TEXT, CD-ROM, CD-ROM XA, CD-I Bridge (Photo-CD, Video CD), CD-I, Multisession CD (Photo-CD, CD-Extra, CD-RW, CD-R), CD-R (read), CD-RW (read), ISO 9660 (including Joliet), High Sierra, HFS, Rock Ridge
Average Random Access Time: DVD: 80~220ms

CD: 165ms

Average Random Seek Time: DVD: 85ms
CD: 70ms
Sustained Data Transfer Rate DVD: 8,788~21,632 KB/sec max (16X)
CD: 1,800~3,600 KB/sec (48X)
Buffer Cache Size 256K/drive
Burst Data Transfer Rate 20 MB/sec Sync

Buffer Cache Size

Environmental Temperature: 41-122º F (5-50º C)

Humidity: 8-80% (non-condensing )